Jimmy James Eaton

If you don’t know how to improvise… make it up as you go along.

Jimmy started improvising at the age of sixteen and won the West Australian Theatre Sports Championships that very year. 
He's now the Artistic Director of The Big HOO-HAA Melbourne, creator of Free Love Impro and impro Sketch.
Jimmy has also worked and performed with London’s Grand Theft Impro, Impro Melbourne, Impro Sydney, The Big HOO-HAA WA, Spontaneous Insanity and was the 2009 National Australian Theatre Sports Champion winning the title of “Best & Fairest”.
“... improvised comedy at its absolute funniest: minimal pretension, maximum straight for the throat hilarity.” Time Out Melbourne
“This really was a cracking night of flat out improvised comedy… Cheaper than a movie and certainly funnier than a Hollywood Comedy” The Groggy Squirrel     

Upcoming Shows

  • \ Friday 29 March, 2013
    t 8:30PM
    G The Buttefly Club, Carson Pl, Melbourne



    The Big HOO-HAA! returns with the most daring, risky and dangerous improvisation Melbourne has ever seen.

    Each night two teams will risk it all by playing the most extreme impro games ever created. Whether it's Bucket of Death, Gluten for Punishment or Slap to Talk, Australia’s best and brightest improvisers will battle to create slick, clever and hilarious scenes before your very eyes. No joke will go undelivered and no pun unpunished in this epic dash for improvised comedy glory. 

    "Improvised comedy at its absolute funniest." Time Out

    "They do it all so bloody well." Onya Magazine

    "Definitely recommended." Beat Magazine

    "Impossible not to have a good time." Herald Sun

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